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NSW Concessions and Rebates

NSW Concessions and Rebates

Residents of New South Wales (NSW) can take advantage of various rebates offered by the NSW Government to alleviate the burden of energy bills. These rebates, which are financially supported by the state government, cater to different circumstances and include:

  1. Low Income Household Rebate: This rebate is designed for customers holding eligible concession cards issued by either the Federal Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you fall into this category, you may be eligible for financial assistance to ease the cost of your energy bills.
  2. Family Energy Rebate: Customers who have received the Family Tax Benefit from the Federal Department of Human Services can benefit from the Family Energy Rebate. This rebate is aimed at providing additional support to families facing energy-related expenses.
  3. Life Support Electricity Rebate: Specifically tailored for households where residents rely on specific medical equipment crucial for sustaining life, the Life Support Electricity Rebate provides financial relief to help cover the increased energy costs associated with such life-sustaining equipment.
  4. Medical Energy Rebate: This rebate targets eligible customers facing a medically diagnosed inability to self-regulate body temperature when exposed to extremes of environmental temperatures. If you meet these criteria, the Medical Energy Rebate can offer financial assistance to manage your energy bills.

For more detailed information on these rebates and how to apply, residents are encouraged to reach out to Service NSW by calling 137 788. Alternatively, you can find additional details by visiting the provided link. 

It's essential to explore these opportunities to ensure that you are maximizing the available support and easing the financial strain associated with energy expenses. 

The NSW Government is committed to assisting residents in managing their energy costs and improving overall affordability.

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