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Further Information - How Do I Disconnect My Service?

When you know the date that you are moving from the premise, or the date that you will last use your utilities, you can contact us and we can end your utility account/s as of this date.

Generally, it is required for you to provide 5 business days’ notice prior to the date we will be ending your account/s however, sometimes, we may be able to close the account on the date you notify us - if it is a business day.

Generally, we will not process a move out if it is more than 14 business days in the future. Please contact us closer to your move out date/required end date, so that we can process this for you.


Once the end date has been applied to your account/s, and has passed, you will then be issued a final invoice/s for utility costs up to this end date. This final invoice will be sent out to you at the same time as the usual invoice billing schedule however, it will only list the costs up to the end date applied to your account/s.

After full payment has been made and received, your utility account/s will be completely closed.


If you had automatic direct debit payments set-up on the account, you will still be issued a final invoice, the amount listed on this final invoice will be automatically direct debited on the due date listed, your account/s will then be closed, and direct debit payments will be cancelled.


You must notify us directly via phone, 1300 323 263, or email,, or online form submission of the requirement to close your account/s. 

This does not happen automatically when you move out.

If we are not notified of your move out, your account/s will remain open, and you will continue to be billed until such time that you inform us to close your account/s.


Once an end date has been applied to your utility account/s if you require to change this date/re-open the account, administration costs may be charged to update the closed account details. 


We cannot suspend your account if you are leaving the premise for a long period of time. 

If you are not using any utilities, you will not be charged for any usage costs, but you may still be charged a daily supply charge if the service is still connected.

If you are leaving the premise for a period longer than two months, we recommend closing your account/s and upon your return, contact us and we can open up new account/s and issue supply. This way, you will not incur the daily supply charge for utility connection while you are away. The account closure and opening fee will usually amount to less than the daily cost of utility connection if it is longer than two months (amounts may vary depending on your distributor).


In order to lodge your move-out notification, please submit a Move Out Form or alternatively, please submit a ticket and we will help you close your account.

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