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Why is my invoice higher than usual?

Your invoice may be higher than usual due to an increase in your consumption or a change in your rates. 

Increased Consumption

Usage varies from person to person, premise to premise, and changes from day to day. It can be difficult to compare different months because there are a lot of variables, such as:

  • the weather, 
  • shorter or longer daylight hours, 
  • your use of heating and cooling, 
  • longer invoicing period, 
  • the energy efficiency of appliances, 
  • new appliances, and
  • longer periods of time spent at home - such as working from home, school holidays, lockdowns, additional guests, etc. 

If you are concerned about your increased consumption, you could consider organising a Home Energy Assessment on your appliances to confirm the amount of consumption they are consuming. 

There are a number of services available to get an assessment. We would recommend starting your search via the following Victorian Government website:

Change in Rates

You may have received a notification from us if your rates had changed.  In this notification, we will provide an overview of why the change occurred.

Utility rates change periodically due to the underlying cost of distributing the service to your property, and the cost of the utility itself. These rates are reviewed periodically; however, are generally only changed once a year.

Please review your previous invoice against your most recent invoice. If you notice there has been a change to your rates without receiving notification from us, please contact The Team.

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