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Can I use solar PV when I am part of an embedded network?

An embedded network is the best way to share solar equitably between owners. If a site is interested in including solar in their embedded network, we are happy to discuss with Strata Management the options available to them.

A solar PV installation in an embedded network would generally be fed into the building supply behind the Parent Meter to reduce the site's electricity costs. These benefits can then be split between the network owners for capital recovery and occupiers as requested by the owners' corporation. Should the site wish to invest in this, Energy On can assist with financial modelling and a proposal showcasing the estimated savings with a Solar PV system. If the site is then interested in moving forward with the system's installation, Energy On can undertake a formal tendering process to ensure competitive pricing for the system.

Please ask your Strata Manager to contact Energy On to discuss how solar can be used within the embedded network; we are here to help!

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