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What is my NMI and how do I find it?

Your electricity meter is a private meter owned by your site’s Owners Corporation and therefore will not have a NMI, which stands for “National Meter Identifier”. Quite often you may be told that you need an NMI for something when in most cases you will not. However, please reach out to The Team if you have questions regarding this.

For Victorian customers, if you require a NMI to claim your Power Savings Bonus, please follow the below instructions that will walk you through how to do this without one. If you are a concession cardholder, you may also be eligible for the Power Saving Bonus. In order to apply for the $250 Power Saving Bonus, you need to select the following options; 

  1. Go to, and click on the button that states "Submit a Power Saving Bonus Application"
  2. You will have to read (scroll) through and accept the "Terms and Conditions". Click Next. 
  3. As your address is part of an Embedded Network, you do not have an NMI for your electricity meter (it’s a private meter and not a National Meter. NMI stands for “National Meter Identifier”).  
  4. Select “I don’t have a PDF bill” The below fields will then display to complete. 
  • Account Name: xxxx 
  • Retailer: Select Other Embedded Network (embedded) 
  • Account Number: Type in customer number 
  • Service Address: Type in your address, and it will display from a drop-down
  • Email: enter in your preferred email 
  • Email (confirm): enter in the same email as above 
  • Phone Number: enter your preferred phone number Click Next. 

This should then enable you to enter your usage details accordingly.

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