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What should I do if there is a power outage?

Power outages can occur for a variety of reasons, including severe weather, unexpected technical faults, planned maintenance, or a fault that has occurred on your property. 

Please ensure you are safe at all times and contact the Emergency Services on 000 for life-threatening emergencies

Local Property Fault

If your electricity is off in your property, but there is power to the rest of the building, check to see if your main switch, and any other switches, on your switchboard in your property are in the "On" position. 

The "On" position is generally when the switch is in the up position; however, if you are not confident then you can consult with an electrician.

If they are "On" and there is still no electricity, turn both the Main Switch and Safety Switch to the "Off" position, then back "On".

If you still do not have power, please read the contact information and instructions on your electricity invoice under "Faults and Emergencies" section, located on the top right-hand side on the first page of your invoice.

Disconnection due to Non-Payment

If your power has been disconnected by Energy On for any reason relating to our Connection, Disconnection, and Reconnection Policy, available here, please call us on 1300 323 263 or contact us during business hours.


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