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What do I do if there is no power at my address?

There are a range of reasons that you may arrive at your address and not have power. Here we'll explore some of the more common ones and what to do in each.

Moving In:
If you arrive at your new address and don't have power, there is a good chance your fuse box is switched to off. First check your fuse box, this is usually located in a cupboard near the entry of the premise. Once located, flick all the switches down to the “Off” position, including the MAINS and SAFETY switches. Then, starting with the SAFETY switch, then the MAINS, turn all the switches back "On".

If these switches are all off, begin turning them back on as above.

Here is an example of a Fuse Box/Switchboard:

If you still do not have power, please check throughout the building to see if this is a building-wide fault. If this is the case, you may need to contact your Building Manager.

Major Fault or Outage
If there is an electrical emergency where there is risk to life or property, please call emergency services by dialing 000.

For building faults or power failures, please contact your local distributor. This information can be found on your Energy On utility bill - you can also locate your Distributor through a number of postcode search engines online. You may also try contacting your Building Manager (if available) to determine if there is a building or tenancy issue on-site.

If your power has been disconnected by Energy On for any reason relating to our Connection, Disconnection and Reconnection Policy, you may find a copy available here. This may occur due to non-payment or not having set up an account with us 

Information regarding connection and disconnection is only available during business hours. You can contact us during business hours (8:30am to 5:30pm) Monday to Friday (excluding Victorian public Holidays) either via phone at 1300 323 263 or by submitting a ticket via our Help Centre HERE.

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