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Energy Rates FAQ

Where can I see my new rates?

Anytime your rates change after your move in, you will receive an email or letter informing you of the new rates including when they take effect. You can also view your new rates on your first bill issued after the date your rates change.

Are fees and charges changing?

If your fees and charges change, the new rates will be listed on an email or letter informing you. Fees and charges (eg: connection and disconnection fees) will generally only change once per year. View these current charges depending on your distributor here.

Why do energy rates change?

Electricity prices are determined by many factors, including the costs of building, maintaining and operating power plants and the electricity grid (the interconnected network for the distribution of electricity). Changing wholesale costs of fuel or network costs for the maintenance of poles and lines can also effect consumer rates.  Fluctuations in supply or demand may additionally effect the market prices of power. However, electricity prices are regulated to protect consumers and, depending on your state, a "default offer" is set by either the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) or the Energy Services Commission (ESC) that electricity rates must abide by. 

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