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My invoice was unusually high this month. Was there a reason for this?

Variation in utility usage costs can be expected and normal but it is important to understand what factors can contribute to a high invoice. 

One reason for abnormally high invoices is fluctuations in the billing period. It's important to be aware of the length of the billing period when comparing your invoices, especially your first and final invoices, which may cover abnormally long or short billing periods. A good way to compare invoices with different billing periods is by looking at the average daily usage on the bottom of the second page of your invoice.   

Seasonal changes must also be considered to explain variation in invoices, and it is expected that most household invoices increase in the winter and summer months as lighting, heating, cooling and hot water use begin to change. 

If none of these explanations apply to your high invoice, it is important to consider any new appliances or inhabitants and the additional power they could be contributing. 

If you have received an unusually high invoice, feel free to contact us and we will investigate this for you.

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