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I'm moving in. What do I need to do?

If you are moving in and need to set up your utility account, please complete the Moving in Form

Alternatively, please submit a ticket and we will help you set up an account.

Once we receive this notification, you will be emailed the appropriate connection form (Sale of Utility Agreement) for your address to review, complete and return to us with a copy of ID. Once we receive this, your utility account will be set up accordingly. If you have already completed a Sale of Utility Agreement, there is nothing more for you to do - a customer service team member will be in touch if we require anything further.

For timely connection, please notify us of your move-in at least two business days prior to your move-in date to allow for processing time.

When submitting your Move-In request, please be sure to include the address of the residence that you are moving into.

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