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How can I claim the Power saving bonus without a NMI?

Victorian Residents - $250 Power Saving Bonus

Please note: The Victorian Government's Power Saving Bonus is closed for applications as of the 31st of August 2023. The Government website notes that no further applications will be accepted after this date.

Victorian Residents have the opportunity to apply through the Victorian Government's Online Form for the $250.00 Power Savings Bonus.

Please follow the below instructions to claim your Power Savings Bonus from the Victorian Government's Online form. 

  • You must be a Victorian Residential customer
  • You must be the Account Holder
  • Only one payment is available per household

Before completing an application, we recommend reading the available FAQ Page to help with common customer questions regarding this process. We have also included below a step-by-step guide for Energy On customers, on how to complete this application.

  1. Go to, and click on the button that states "Submit a Power Saving Bonus Application".
  2. You will have to read (scroll) through and accept the "Terms and Conditions". Click Next. 
  3. Please Note: Energy On is not an Energy Retailer, we are what's called an Embedded Network Operator and Manager. As your address is part of an Embedded Network, you do not have an NMI for your electricity meter as it’s a private meter.  
  4. In order to apply for the $250 Power Saving Bonus you will then need to select the following options; 
    1. Select “Enter the Information Manually” 
    2. Once you select "Enter the information Manually", the fields required will change to display the below;
      1. Account Name: xxxx
      2. Retailer: Select Other Embedded Network (embedded) 
      3. Account Number: Type in your Energy On Customer Number. This is the 9 digit Customer number listed on your Energy On Invoices. 
      4. Service Address: Start to type in your electricity address, and it will display from a drop-down list to select. Make sure you select the correct premise and street address.
        1. Email: enter in your preferred email 
        2. Email (confirm): enter in the same email as above 
        3. Phone Number: enter in your preferred phone number 
        4. Click Next. 

This should then enable you to enter in your usage details accordingly.

There is also a help line available, 1800 000 832, to receive general support and assistance with the Victorian Energy Compare website and Power Saving Bonus program. This helpline will also support to submit an application over the phone. Customers who call this line need to ensure that they inform that they are part of "Other Embedded Network" as their power is supplied through an embedded network.


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